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15 Inspirational Business Logo Designing Trends For 2021

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Laura Flair

6th January 2021

Laura Flair
business logo designing trends in 2021

Whenever there is a discussion about business logo designing, it seems more imperative to take into consideration the trends in logo designing. The most consistent characteristic of a design trend is that it changes after some time. That is because every design trend becomes oversaturated with time and becomes ineffective.

Because a logo is one of the most crucial branding elements, it needs to be immaculate and discernable. A logo that fails to lay the first good impression can turn out to be counterproductive by making your brand and product forgettable. So, it might be worth contacting a professional logo design company to get your business logo prepared as the first step of branding.

In this article, we will discuss some logo design trends for the year 2021. Most of these trends focus on the creation of logos that instill brand awareness in audiences.

1. Motion design


Most of us tend to think of a logo as a static image that we often see on packages. Modern logo design trends may change that perception. Over the past few years, many brands have started using videos and animations for branding purposes. This trend is expected to become more popular in the coming years.

While a brand logo is still an image, the use of animation can make it more interesting. Consider an animated object moving and transforming to settle into a final shape, which becomes a logo design. For instance, you may have seen the Pixar logo. You may remember this logo in motion.

With online branding more and more challenging with time, it has become crucial for businesses to pay attention to every branding element that could engage audiences. The best way to go ahead in this regard is to use animation for branding purposes. Designing your business logo in such a scenario might turn out to be a challenge. So you may want to hire a professional logo design company for this task.

2. No symmetry


Brands have been using grids to design highly symmetrical logos. Nonetheless, it may be time to forget about the rules and use abstract illustrations in designs. Since these illustrations are more asymmetrical, they tend to be a bit more creative compared to the proportioned designs.

You can confirm from any professional logo design company that it has become necessary to keep up with the asymmetry to draw objects you want to use for branding purposes. You, however, have to keep in mind that this design approach is not characterized by a lack of balance or proportion. While you can make the elements of your logo design look a bit chaotically placed, it is necessary to make sure that their placement looks logical and natural.

3. Unique fonts


The paintbrushes in logo and graphic designs have changed quite a bit in the past few years. Most brands chose to use simplistic logo designs. The oversaturation of this trend resulted in the text elements looking alike. This situation has led to a reduction in brand awareness.

Many brands started using drawing boards to develop unique typographies. With unique fonts, companies have increased brand awareness while sticking to the logo design minimalism. A professional logo design company would know well how to use design elements and typography to create the most engaging logo designs without sacrificing the overall design’s simplicity.

4. Thin lines in geometry


As you may already know, minimalism has become a popular designing approach in modern times. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it may evolve further in the year 2021 and beyond. Companies have started using linear elements and shapes in web and logo designs. These shapes and elements fall into the category of minimalist design.

The reason these design elements are becoming more popular is that they are aesthetically pleasing and more stylish. Secondly, their ability to attract eyeballs makes them the perfect design elements you can use for branding purposes. That’s where you may want to get in contact with a professional logo design company to get your logo design prepared.

5. Gradients


Gradient, as a design element, has become more popular in recent times, mainly due to the development of technologies that allow businesses to use hues for their branding advantage. This design element had been the businesses’ favorite in the late 80s, and now it has reemerged once again.

A gradient refers to a design that involves a smooth transition between two or more colors. It also includes an increase or decrease in the saturation of one hue.

The best thing about using gradients is that it can help create dimensions and depths in a design. Such designs look fresh and original. If you are not sure how to use a gradient to create a logo design of your choice, you may want to hire a professional logo design company.

6. Symbolic shapes and icons


The use of symbolic shapes and designs in business logos is a relatively new trend. Although several major brands have been using symbols in their logo designs for decades, other companies have started to realize the potential for this design approach in the modern era. The ability of a symbol to blend in with the rest of the design can make your business logo more memorable and attractive.

One of the ideas is to incorporate symbols and icons in your logo’s typography. It may necessitate you to use the best of your creative abilities. You may want to discuss your requirements with a professional logo design company to have a better design idea in this regard.

7. Hand-drawn logos


Not many businesses get the idea of using hand-drawn logos for branding purposes, but the fact of the matter is that such logo designs can attract more eyeballs. A hand-drawn logo looks quite different from a computer-generated logo.

While you can use software to make a logo look like a hand-drawn design, this approach might not instill a reasonable amount of detail in your design. So you may want to draw logo designs by hand and then use those sketches to represent your brand. The good thing is that you can hire a professional logo design company for this task.

8. Negative space


The use of negative space is a well-known designing technique for years, and what’s interesting is that it never fails to impress. That is why we can denote it as one of the steadiest trends in web and logo designing. Whether you want to create a cross of letters or create ambiguity in design, negative space is your best friend.

It is worth mentioning that it may take some time for a user or consumer to notice the hidden object represented by the negative space. That is why logos with such elements tend to be a bit complex. But the negative space is not a negative characteristic of a design. The complexity of such logo designs can become the point of attraction. To use negative space in your brand logo the right way, you may have to explain your requirements to a professional logo design company.

9. Use of basic shapes


Your logo doesn’t have to incorporate a design element out of the blue to be impressive. Sometimes, even the basic shapes can make your logo design more inspiring and modern. Most branding experts believe that using a shape in a logo design can deliver a more comprehensive brand message. While there has not been a wide use of basic shapes in logo designs seen in recent years, we expect the use of these shapes to become trendy in the year 2021 and beyond.

10. Overlapping text


The use of serif fonts in logo typography has started to reemerge in recent years. It is because these fonts allow designers to use different and unique combinations to create the most impressive logo designs. One of those unique styles is the overlapping of text.

11. Use of classic symbols


It seems that designing experts have been digging into the design archives and opted to reintroduce classic symbols. In 2021, we expect businesses to use widely recognized classic symbols in their logo designs. These designs will undoubtedly be complemented by modernized iconographies. The use of classic mythical shapes in a modern way will definitely start a new trend in logo designing.

12. Optical illusions


We may see brands using optical illusions in their logo designs in the year 2021. A significant advantage of using such logos is that they tend to attract more eyeballs, bringing much-needed attention to your brand. To create an optical illusion, you will have to add layers, depth, and perspective to your logo design.

13. Analogous color schemes


The colors sitting next to each other on a color wheel are the analogous colors. Experts believe that 2021 will see the rise of analogous color schemes in logo designs, meaning that brands may choose to shift away from contrasting and neon colors.

14. Use of nature imagery


Nature is a reminder of renewal because it rolls out itself again and again in a unique way every time. Although a logo will not fully recreate the ambiance, it can certainly represent nature with the help of the right imagery. In 2021, nature imagery is expected to make logo designs more impressive. Design elements to use in this regard may include leafy motifs and floral depictions.

15. Emojis


Emojis make a more comprehensive visual vocabulary, which allows designers to get various ideas for logo designs. With a little change, an emoji can be a perfect logo design element.


2021 will be the start of a new decade, which could mean an overall change in branding approaches and marketing methodologies. That said, we can expect web and logo designers to up their graphic designing game.

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