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Conquer Social Media With These 8 Actionable Animation Ideas

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Laura Flair

27th October 2020

Laura Flair
Conquer Social Media With These 8 Actionable Animation Ideas

Animation Paves the Way for Successful Social Media Marketing

Content is the king, and video content is a step ahead. No sane and sound mind can deny the significance of animation in today’s digitized age. The first thing that we do in the morning after rubbing off the sleepy and dreamy eyes is checking up the social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We are wrapped tightly in social platforms’ arms, and social media feeds control our minds. One may find it hard to believe since it’s unbelievable, yet the plain truth.

In the wake of their thorough and in-depth research, researchers have envisaged the growing influence and impact of video content in the social media arena. Video is the future, and demand for Whiteboard Explainer Video Services will be higher than ever in the near future, especially for social media advertisements.

It has become a sheer fact that the influence and inspiration of animation and social media are mounting day in day out.

Industry experts predict that by the end of 2022, the demand and dissemination of animation and animated videos will increase drastically for engaging and entertaining the target audience on various social media platforms.

Animation can help business amplify their brand awareness, grow brand loyalty, attract more prospects, and double the conversion rate.

Animated video makes it less strenuous for a brand to tell their story in a concise and precise yet compelling manner while grabbing the balls of viewers, piquing their curiosity, and instigating a desire deep inside to know it all about the next episode of the story. Through producing an emotional and resonating story, brands can build a loyal client base in today’s competitive age.

Animation offers both pleasure and information to the audience in a non-boring and unmundane style, increasing the brand’s commitment and visibility on social media.

Conquer Social Media with These 8 Actionable Animation Ideas!

In this article, we will share some of the proven, practiced, and actionable animation ideas that can give a whopping boost to your social media engagements, let alone the subsequent rise in the overall sales volume. Some of the most eminent animation ideas and styles that guarantee to take your social media marketing to the next level are as follows;

GIF Animation

GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is one of the most popular animation formats used for social media marketing by top-notch companies and small enterprises.

The Internet world has observed an incredible growth in social media sharing in the wake of GIF animation. The audience loves to clap their eyes on a piece of GIF animation, and it has become their most beloved image format on social media.

Visuals make it easy for the viewers to comprehend the product specifications; moreover, it makes the content appealing, engaging, and entertaining.

GIFs convey the intricate details to the audience in a simple and easy to understand manner, highlighting the unique features and details effortlessly, enticing the prospects to take action and buy the offerings.

GIFs present the products in a captivating and fascinating style. These visuals leave a long-lasting impact in the subconscious mind of spectators, making them recall the products and their distinctive factors.

unique and attractive personification combined

With its unique and attractive personification combined with the message’s clarity, GIFs have become the most significant element for executing a successful social media campaign for brands.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Without any second thought or any qualm, it’s an absolute fact that video content is the driving force and one of the most authoritative marketing tools that engage the audience on the social media platform.

However, not every video can get us the desired results. Since videos are being created and disseminated everywhere by every other brand, its utmost influence has been faded away up to some great extent.

A video with a blend of uniqueness, elegance, clarity, and above all, a powerful and coherent voiceover is bound to drive the marketing campaigns in the right direction. Whiteboard Explainer Videos encompasses all these characteristics that marketing professionals crave to ensure their long-term marketing objectives.

The drastic increase in the demand for Whiteboard Explainer Video Services reflects the importance of Whiteboard Explainer Videos when it comes to run a fruitful social media marketing campaign. It allows you to tell the brand story in a captivating way and draws all the target audience’s attention and curiosity. Also, for spreading the brand’s message or any idea, it works the best.

Unlike other types of animation videos, the process of a whiteboard explainer video creation is much more straightforward. Still, the impact that it leaves on the prospects is far beyond expectations.

Irrespective of your business's nature

Irrespective of your business’s nature, Whiteboard Explainer Videos are considered the ideal marketing tool that can serve your marketing needs better than the conventional or other marketing tools.

The Stop-Motion Animation

Quality content, coupled with some creativity and unique presentation style, is something marketers dream about to grab their online audience’s attention and pique their curiosity. The Stop-Motion Animation has provided brands the ability to portray their creative side with its unique and engaging presentation style.

Quality content, coupled with some creativity and unique presentation style

In this process, objects are moved in small increments, and only a single frame is captured at a time. Once played, it gives an illusion of motion, and characters are shown performing specific actions. Albeit, it consumes enough time to create a stop-motion video; however, the final product is always worth watching and worth enjoying.

There are many kinds of stop-motion animation, including object-motion, Claymation, Pixilation, Cutout-Motion, Silhouette Animation, and Puppet Animation. Each type has its unique traits, and the audience loves to watch them.

With the Stop-Motion Animation, brands can portray their story in a spellbinding way on social media, and seasoning it with the flavor of creativity soothes not only the audience’s mind but also their visual senses. To make social media marketing more successful, attain better results, and high conversion rate, employing the stop-motion animation is inevitable.

3D Animation Style

Though there are many animation styles, 3D animation companies and audiences rank 3D animation styles as the most aesthetic and appealing ones. One of the significant distinctive factors of the 3D animation style is finishing, which makes the onlookers get immersed into it and flow with the tide of the story being presented.

3D animation companies and audiences rank 3D animation styles

Social media marketers find 3D animated videos as a driving force for their social media campaigns’ success. Proven track record of achieving the desired marketing goals through 3D animation has made this animation style the apple of the marketer’s eyes.

Producing 3D animated videos involves a great deal of time, money, and creativity. However, the demand for 3Danimation is still increasing day in day out due to the incredible impact that it leaves on onlookers’ eyes and minds.

2D Animation Style

It’s known as the traditional and most famous animation style, as 2D animation services have been around for long. Since the beginning of the 18th century, 2D animation services have been available, and still, the demand for 2D animation services are not going down.

the traditional and most famous animation style, as 2D animation services

Over time, the techniques and processes involved in 2D animation styles have been evolved to provide a more esthetic and artistic experience to viewers.

The frequent and much-needed transformation and modification have kept the 2D Animation services up-to-date with the current market dynamics and demands. In today’s age, social media champions make the most of 2D animation styles to keep their target audience connected and engaged with their brand values and offerings.

If you happen to go back the memory lane, you’ll recall some of the most entertaining Disney animations such as The Little Mermaid, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, etc., are all the products of 2D animation. As you can see, it keeps us connected with our childhood; likewise, 2D Animation keeps the audience connected with their favorite brands.

Connection translates into conversion, and 2D animation keeps the like-minded souls connected. Not only it gives birth to social media interaction or connection but heart to heart connection, eventually cultivating brand loyalty.

Live-Action Paired with 2D animation

The blend of a live-action video and animation oozes out the feeling of both creativity and natural resonance. It may sound confusing to the minds, but clapping the eyes on the final products will fade all the confusion away.

The blend of a live-action video and animation oozes out the feeling of both creativity and natural resonance

Brands find it essential to incorporate their story with genuineness and innovation to meet their marketing goals. A combination of live-action videos with animation helps them fulfill their marketing objectives.

The versatility and effectiveness of the combo of live-action and animation make the brand’s story more appealing and attractive to the eyes and engenders an emotional connection between the brand and prospects.

Lower production cost and less complexity in the processes make it one of the best social media marketing tools for startups and small enterprises.

Typography Explainer Video

Typography animation works best when businesses have to share statistics or a massive amount of data with their target audience. Business performance and achievements in terms of figures and numbers are represented via typography explainer videos with a mixture of some compelling graphics and background music.

An effective combination of fonts and animation boosts an online business presence and attracts new users on social media channels. Espousing this powerful engagement tool multiplies the chances for conversion for brands.

Audience engagement over social media platforms

Audience engagement over social media platforms is only made possible through visually stunning animation. Promotional video companies realize this audience’s psychological preference and create the enchanting typography explainer videos to attract prospects’ minds and hearts. Presented data and statistics capture the viewers’ minds, whereas the aesthetic animation touches their hearts, forcing them to take action and avail of the services being advertised.

Flipbook Animation

It’s an early form of animation in which a small book of drawing tells the story in a captivating and alluring way that catches spectators’ eyes. In a matter of a few seconds, the whole story is being told while keeping the audience engaged, entertained, and informed simultaneously.

This short and precise form of animation style has always been considered as a powerful marketing tool

This short and precise form of animation style has always been considered as a powerful marketing tool.

In today’s social media era, marketers employ flipbook animation to attain their core marketing goals and consider it an inexpensive, simplified, and useful advertising tool.

Promoting existing or new products/services and creating brand awareness has been much easier for brands through flipbook animation.

Final Words

Each type of animation style has its own unique flavor, be it whiteboard animation video or GIF animation, or any other animation style; there are a plethora of 3d animation companies that can get the job done for you. However, analyzing the business needs as per your specific niche market is paramount to achieve the optimum results for your social media campaigns out of these animations styles.

Indigo Logo Design is a renowned promotional video company with a demonstrated track record of facilitating startups and top-notch brands with their advertising and marketing ventures. We house a team of professionals who are adept at assessing the nature and requirements of your business. We will be more than delighted to assist you with your social media marketing strategies, as well as offer the best Whiteboard Explainer Video Services. For further queries, you may contact us back at 1-855-757-7877 or email us at info@indigologodesign.com

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