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Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Creative Logo Design Agency

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Laura Flair

19th October 2020

Laura Flair
Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Creative Logo Design Agency

An average logo designer spends only 5 to 15 minutes, creating a logo using a logo maker. In contrast, a creative logo design agency has an entire process where it can take a whole week for them to come up with the perfect design for you.

You can argue that it is about creating a quality logo rather than the amount of time spent on the process. The logo being created is the sole representative of the entire brand, and it cannot be just another run of the mill design.

Creativity takes understanding, time, and dedication; you may find many people making intriguing logos, but you need something that makes you stand out.

A professional agency is what you need, and before settling on the one for you, there are a few things you need to consider.

Why Hire a Professional Logo Design Company?

logo in the whole scenario represents the brand that you are

Your entire marketing and branding plan depends on promoting your business. Your logo in the whole scenario represents the brand that you are. When you compromise on the kind of logo, you have to get created means you are weakening your entire image.

When you hire a creative agency, you leverage:

The Level of Creativity

Multiple creative professionals understand the market and trends. These creative geniuses design logos that stand out and have a meaning that gives your brand a boost like no other.

Agency designers work with many different business types and create logos for various niches regularly. They know the industry ins and outs, giving them an edge when designing your logo to understand what you are all about.

Keep in mind…

Understanding the client, their needs, and creating a logo that symbolizes them is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Seasoned experts know it is an entire process close to the client’s heart. An agency treats the whole experience with a sensitivity that ensures client satisfaction when the logo is delivered.

Research is the core of creating the logo rather than just coming up with a design because it looks good. The color, shape, font, and how they all come together all have a meaning behind it.

An agency has the leading logo design packages available for clients to go through. The clients have a choice of the type of logo they want to be designed. You will find packages where an average $199 is the starting price of good professional logo design.

Always remember!

The agency must understand the clients; the same needs to happen for the client.

If the client cannot connect with the agency, the result will not be satisfied no matter how unique the actual design is. Do go through the portfolio of the custom logo design agency you are hiring beforehand to gauge whether their vision matches yours or not.

Keeping It Authentic!

Flashy does get the attention, but does it represent your brand or business?

That is the real question!

Just because a style or color is trending for one business doesn’t mean it will suit you also. You can keep it as simple as you want or go as flashy as you want, but the logo should encapsulate your essence; otherwise, it would be misleading for the customers to understand you.

Finding the little piece of the puzzle and fitting it in the right place is exactly what a custom logo design company does, just like Cinderella’s shoe, but this one is to be a perfect fit for your business.

You need to be open about your ideas and let the agency know what you’re expecting for your business. An agency that knows what they are working with makes it easier for them to incorporate your vision into the final design.

At the same time,

The agency and their marketing and branding experts have vast experience that propels your idea to unimaginative heights. The agency ultimately captures the missing piece of the puzzle, creating a final design that is exactly what you envisioned.

vast experience that propels your idea to unimaginative heights

Intelligent Branding Services

Everyone with access to Photoshop thinks they can design a logo and don’t need to hire a professional logo design agency. While some brands that hire the agency think that they know exactly what they are talking about and keep micro-managing things and shutting the agency ideas.

If you don’t have any of these problems, the agency would have a great time creating your logo.

An agency is already in the midst of everything that’s happening. Surviving through the ages is not easy; the agency knows what will work and which idea needs to be scratched out right there and then. You would for sure know what you’re talking about a brand, but the professionals are the real experts.


A unique logo becomes the synonymous identity of the brand, which should be the case anyway, and that is precisely what the agency experts aim to create.

Simultaneously, some rules help the brand use the logo to the best of its ability in the different marketing and branding scenarios once the design has been handed over. There is an entire guideline that the brand sticks by, which has been created by the agency. It includes which variation is to be used in which scenario and so on, all directions for the final logo’s lifetime use.

It is all about being smart and getting the best use out of a simple or complex design.

Balance Between Need and Resonance

A logo has to do everything with your brand. the final brand logo helps customers recognize the products and services that the brand provides.

When hiring the best custom logo design company for your brand, there must be no personal bias involved in the process.

Your brand needs a logo that captures what you need from it and is also catchy enough to resonate with your audience. It is the job of the agency to create a balance between the client’s needs and making it intriguing enough. Customers should be able to memorise and relate to the logo in a short time.

Even after everything discussed above…

You can put forward an argument that when it comes to logo design rates and the submission time, we can also hire freelancers. These home-based designers would also provide you with quality work. That is true; there are talented designers who are providing their services through a freelance portal.

But, just how far can they go when working on a project?

Freelance Vs. Custom Logo Design Agency

Freelance Vs. Custom Logo Design Agency

We have to consider the fact that freelancers are not directly dealing with the kind of exposure designers who are sitting in an agency. This is the case because there is a market that needs to be explored. No matter how active you are online and keeping track of the happenings from wherever you are remote, it still has drawbacks.

Why are freelancers not getting the same exposure?

While sitting actively at an agency, a designer has an entire team that is backing him for the entire process. If ever there is a creativity block, the team would push the designer to find the creative pathway. Ultimately having a strong team helps the designer in making a logo that captures your vision.

Along with that!

Dealing with clients directly who prefer having an expanded spending budget has a completely different approach to work.

When freelancing, there is this big chunk of the market that you miss out on.

An agency is taking on different challenges and had an expert available for each of the project they are about to take next. A creative logo design company has already tackled some of the most difficult clients and satisfied them; they have experts in dealing with those not so easily satisfied clients.

Simply put… It is not easy for a freelancer to deal with the many different kind of clients.

As someone who is looking for perfection, the agency knows how to deal with you. This can be lacking when it comes to working with someone sitting remotely.

The best logo design agency also takes on remote freelancers, but, in the end, it is the name and the professionalism of the agency that the client trusts.

Choosing an agency over freelancers ensures the different aspects of logo making. Contrastingly with freelancers, you cannot always expect them to take on all the challenges; their resources are limited.

Satisfaction Before Finalizing

Always go through the branding services an agency is offering you such as:

  • Logo design
  • Design consultation
  • Fresh ideas & concepts
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Value-driven designs
  • Dedicated designing team

Designing doesn’t happen. It takes time and a dedicated team of professionals to cover each angle before finalizing on a single concept that they would build on.

Until you, as a client, do not agree with the agency vision, don’t hire them. It would also be unfair to yourself because you would not be satisfied with the work they provide, which would be a misrepresentation of your brand.

Ask about their vision, process, and commitment towards their clients only when you are satisfied with their responses and hire the custom logo design agency.

Made Your Choice

Made Your Choice?

An agency has much to offer but finding the one that pairs best with you is the ultimate goal.

So, take your time to understand them and give them the same space to understand. The entire process would be much smoother and satisfying in the end when you have the right logo making partner.

There is no compromise when it comes to the people who are working on your marketing and branding.

What questions do you think need to asked before hiring a logo design agency? Let us know in the comments below.

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