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How To Differentiate Your Brand From Your Competition?

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Laura Flair

18th December 2020

Laura Flair
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For a company to successfully make its place in the digital marketplace, it is highly important for them to stand out from the sea of competitors. The primary goal of any marketing effort should be to stand out, be popular, and have potential customers focus their attention on the brand. A brand is a customer promise, an experience, and a personality that makes customers want to select you over your competitors. Thus, all brands want to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Whether it’s a small start-up business or a well-established company, every scale business should have strategies they can use to develop their brand, therefore these steps and strategies are necessary for creating a cohesive and centralized message for the customers. Building a strong and powerful brand in the digital marketplace is the final key to success in today’s business world, and strong differentiation is an undeniable thing that must be built to make the brand more influential, convincing, and compelling. For example, a lot of brands hire affordable iconic logo design packages. These packages come with professional designers who create iconic logos by bringing new creative and new concepts to the table. Since logo designs are always considered to be the face or visual representation of the brand, they have to resonate with the brand’s value and be unique. Thus, to provide the brand the power of solid visual representation, in order to create a powerful identity and differentiate the brand from its competitors in the digital marketplace, many companies hire affordable logo design agency.

Companies’ decisions must be formed strategically so that they can benefit some main and particular products, services, or business goals – the ones that will strengthen the brand platform, attract more customers, thereby increasing their loyalty, preferability, and gain their trust. When we talk about keeping the brand authentic, classic, and different from competitions out there. We talk about brand differentiation.

What is brand differentiation?


Brand differentiation is the means by which the brand sets itself apart from its competition, by associating a superior performing aspect of the brand with multiple customer benefits. Brand differentiation allows the brand to showcase to the world how their business is distinct from the competition. When executed perfectly, brand differentiation helps to:

  • makes it easier for a customer to choose between close alternatives.
  • helps people to give clear reasons as to why they would pay a premium price for an elevated brand.
  • allows customers to justify their purchases more easily.

Many businesses don’t understand how to differentiate. In order to get attention, they try to please way too many different kinds of audiences. For differentiation to be productive, it must do the following:

  1. It must be relevant to clients and prospective clients. If the differentiator has no impact on clients and prospects, it will have no impact on the business.
  2. It must be rooted in truth. The business must show that it’s different.
  3. It must be valid. The differences you provide must be provable and obtainable every time.

The level of competition in the business world today means that just being better than others does not create an advantage for the brand. Being different is something more remarkable, more memorable, more of a personal expression — and it will make it more challenging for customers to compare or confuse the brand with other options.

Following a good, unique strategy will ensure that a business develops, maintains, and continually strengthens a special identity in the marketplace. Without a sharply defined or closely followed strategy, companies of all sizes manage to lose sight of their direction and thus, runs into temporary difficulties. Lush serves as a great example of keeping the brand differentiated from competitors.



Lush faces top competition from Sephora, BOMB Cosmetics, and Etsy.

Lush is unlike any other makeup brand on the marketplace. This cosmetics producer has an international influence and audience. This brand has a “warm and fuzzy” approach that isn’t hesitant to push the boundaries. So, what makes LUSH so distinctive from Sephora or even Etsy are their handmade products. Advocates of LUSH are dedicated to ethical buying. They are obsessed with the purity and simplicity that comes from a handmade item. The company’s biggest achievement is, they understand that their core customers choose social and corporate responsibility for a luxurious and out-of-reach image.

LUSH’s branding is simple and genuine. But the question is how they’re doing it:

  • They understand their customers – they target and appeal to the girls who “had enough” and rejected the social beauty standards and believe in themselves.
  • Selfless with its products – they offer free samples and in-store trials on almost everything
  • They are not selling an image – the business is marketing a viewpoint on how to define “beauty”

Here are a few ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Compelling visual identity

Compelling visual identity

Creating a strong brand identity is not easy and it doesn’t just happen by chance. To stand out from the competition, brands must approach their brand identity design strategically.

Strong brand identity design draws clients by showcasing how and why the business and its products or services are more reliable and trustworthy than competitors. It is important to understand the differentiating factors and how they are communicated visually to prospective customers.

Brand identity is made up of many visual components.  To begin with, the most important visual feature of brand identity is the company’s logo: A well-designed, iconic logo is the first impression of the  business on customers. Thus, it is important to invest and avail affordable iconic logo design packages to get the logo right and professional. A unique business logo design not only creates a strong brand identity but also represent the brand and its core values. Customers believe that a professional-looking logo means that the brand is reliable and trustworthy.  In order to attract the right customers and make them fall head over heels in love with the brand. Hire affordable logo design packages to create a unique and timeless business logo design. The affordable logo design packages make sure that the logos are easily recognizable, versatile, and timeless. But, most importantly, it must embody the brand.

Secondly, the Fonts, impact people psychologically. Any differentiation strategy should incorporate picking fonts that resonate with the unique brand. Select fonts that are easy-to-read, that communicate something about the business’s identity, and that are visually distinct from the competition. Affordable iconic logo designs and web design services ensure to use of a font that clearly represents the brand.

Third, the colors.  According to a study examining the impact of color on people and sales, 92.6% of people surveyed showed that color was the most important element that influences the decision of buyers while purchasing products. therefore, it is essential to be sure and choose brand colors that not only resonate with the core values but also help to visually stand out from your competition. These colors should be consistent between the brand’s logo design, marketing materials, and website. Since color is a driving force, brands should hire web design services and affordable iconic logo design packages because the professionals working there have a better understanding of color psychology. Thus they choose colors that creates a strong brand identity and elicit emotions so that the customers get emotionally connected with the brand.

Brand identity will influence the marketing and sales plan, and ultimately, the success or failure of your business.



The influencer community is growing rapidly. In fact, it’s maturing. Kendall Bird, a social media manager believes that “Influencers who are authentic will become more powerful than power influencer”

People are tired to see the forced branding of products and hence are looking for content that they feel connected to. Social media marketing agencies, therefore, choose micro-influencer with a comparatively small amount of followers but very a engaged community to promote your brand of product. Micro-influencers will bring strong engagement to your site as well as they are very cost-effective.

Reports have claimed that Influencer Branding and Marketing generates 11 times the ROI as compared to other types of digital strategies and they also keep brands one step ahead of their competition. As businesses continue to shift their money from traditional to digital media, Influencer Marketing budgets will unavoidably arise in coming years. Business when partnering with a social influencer, aim at swaying consumer behavior, by tapping into their credibility to build positive associations and create leads for the brands. Influencer marketing and branding platform market size is predicted to grow to 30.6% from 2019 to 2025 and will reach $26.4 billion by 2025.

It is no different to know that building credibility can be a severe challenge for many brands. In that case, being strengthened up by the right influencer who represents the brand and give the business that push and support in the industry. Having the right voice to review the brand can increase the brand’s integrity.



Convenience can be a big brand differentiator. Anything that makes life easier for the customers will make your brand more desirable than the competition. Brands can provide easiness, benefits, and convenience to its customer by providing deliveries, online shopping, and much more. These services will convince the customer to choose your brand over competitions.

A great example of this is Amazon is the obvious example, they all are about how to make shopping for customers fun, exciting yet simply easy. Thus, they have banked on differentiation through convenience and won. Also, providing convenience can be time-consuming and extremely expensive, thus for a competitor to copy or duplicate this level of differentiation would be difficult.

Product Differentiation

Having a unique, authentic, and different product is probably the most visible aspect. It includes actual physical and perceived differences, of which the latter can be obtained through advertising. Product differentiation may take the form of features, performance, efficacy, meeting specifications, or a number of other criteria. This is the general area that most brands spend the majority of their time and dollars.

Have variations

Have variations

Another great way to differentiate the brand from its competition is by closely studying the competition’s brand products and services. As a brand, you need to know your competition pretty well. Once you found your one product that is superior in every way it can be, offer more varieties of it.

For example, color. If the competition has the competing product in three colors, come up with a way to provide customer’s your version of the product but in a variety of 10 color options. It is a great tactic not only for physical stores but for online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. By offering more choices, more variety, and a wider range of options for the products, the brand stands out. Through this tactic, a brand makes itself the best option in what may be a flooded market.

Deliver a world-class customer experience

The customer experience is swiftly overtaking product and price as the essential driver of consumers’ buying decisions. It is more powerful and crucial than ever, and every company should increase its focus on providing the best customer experience it can.

When a brand delivers a world-class customer experience, they make their customers stay happier, stick around longer, make them brand advocates, and increase the levels of brand loyalty.

A world-class customer experience drives higher levels of customer satisfaction. When a brand has satisfied customers, they dramatically reduce customer churn, stands out from the competition with a loyal following, and also ensure the survival of the business.

Tailor the marketing messages to reflect the brand

Once the brand has recognized its unique selling proposition, decided on specific aesthetics, and have researched its target audience, it is time to begin marketing. Construction marketing often consists of a wide range of campaigns and strategies aimed at reaching the target audience in a variety of different subtle ways. For example, the brand’s website can be used as a key anchor in a marketing campaign. By ensuring that all necessary information a customer may demand to know is easily accessible, they can easily convince and influences the decision of buyers.  More importantly, brands can use their website to further reinforce the uniqueness of their company, describing why the brand is more reliable, trustworthy, and provide a better option as compared to the competition.

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