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How To Make The Most of Graphic Design Trends in 2021?

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Laura Flair

4th January 2021

Laura Flair
wha's the trending

Graphic design is an art where professionals create visual content to communicate messages of brands to their respective audiences. By implementing visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, and pictures to provide a great user experience to the audience. The graphic designers working at the professional logo design company works on design elements and structures to provide and communicate a clear visual message and values of the brand to its audience in order to sell a product or service. Graphic design concerns with the aesthetic appeal and marketing of the product or services. Graphic designers attract viewers using images, color, and typography.

To say that 2020 has been a strange year would be an understatement. But in the online world, lockdown, enforced closure of stores and educational institutions, thus, made an enormous impact in all of our lives. Distance learning, online shopping significantly increases, also the search for entertainment and not to forget work from home and communications platforms, they all have seen accelerated growth. People and businesses have had to change, adapt, and adjust quicker than ever before, and as always in periods of dramatic change technology and trends have to consider the needs of the customer and fight their corner.

With so many major changes in the world over the past year, brands haven’t been able to take many design risks this year. Therefore, I believe they are going for trends that invoke a sense of calm, understanding, and positivity in an ultra chaotic world. The latest graphic design trends are working with aspects that will enhance the user experience visually. And it’s not only limited to the website design we are talking about, the ripple effect on company branding, logos, marketing, general illustration, and in all areas of graphic design are also clear to see.
Whether you’re a beginner or a professional graphic designer, well everyone requires some tips that can add that extra charm to their design and tell you how to make the most of these trends.

Use white space

Use white space when you can


Space in design isn’t simply the absence of content but a design choice in itself and can be used to aid in achieving important design principles such as contrast and hierarchy.

Always remember that less is more. Sometimes, one does not need to add tons of colors, elements, or fonts to get their message across. Professional designers suggest that whitespace should be incorporated whenever possible. When a designer uses white space, they are avoiding the message from getting lost in the chaos, clutter, and noise of the design. The professional logo design company incorporates white space because of its elegance, simplicity, but sophistication, and beauty. And, the great thing about this technique is that it’s almost less work for you! But then again, when is a designer ever not working.

Use contrasting colors


use multi color

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”

This quote sums up everything that a designer should already know about colors. Using the appropriate color palette in the graphic design will have the potential to put the audience in the right mood. And when people are in the right state of mind, they usually take the action brands want them to take. Whether it’s clicking a button, ordering a product, or just sending an email – colors influence the way your audience responds.

Moreover, colors have a specific psychological effect. For example, blue is associated with masculinity, it represents trust, sophistication whilst green is associated with good taste, pureness, earth, and red symbolizes power or love, danger, aggression, and white signify sincerity or happiness, and black is associated with sophistication, power, and authority. It is important to learn how to control the psychological power of colors and customize the color palette accordingly.

Muted color palettes really took over the graphic design world last year, and from then it has shown no sign of stopping anytime soon. After years of bold, vibrant, and bright colors, people seem to want something a little more relaxed, calmed, and understated. Particularly when multiple negatives, confusing, and loud messages, we have all been getting over the last year or so.

Muted colors feel safe and secure, even nostalgic. The professional logo design company uses them to create logos that have a nostalgic sense attach to them. Moreover, the social media pages, landing pages, and other design assets are incorporating this palette because they are genuine and comfortable.

Create a visual hierarchy


visual hierarchy

Applying so many trends, illustrations, colors along with typography can create clutter and chaos. Thus, when it comes to graphic design, it’s vital for the designers to know and understand the importance of hierarchy. Hierarchy in graphic design helps visitors to see a clear layout of what the designers was wanting to display, and it not only makes it easier for them to understand but they can easily navigate around the content as well. This is necessary because the average attention span of a customer is about eight seconds. Therefore, the designer needs to be sure that their work makes sense, yet it is still interesting and digestible.

Flat Icons & Illustrations

Now, as a designer, if you are creating tons of visual content, these flat icons are perfect because they can be used for a lot of different graphics like social media visuals, infographics, or presentations.
These flat icons are also consumed very quickly. People find it easy to understand and comprehend these illustrations and icons. Even if the visitors saw those visuals without any context or text, they could still understand what the designer was trying to say.

These icons and illustrations help to convey the brand message. To make the most of this trend, designers can use them on websites. They will not only make the website interactive but will convey the message in a very digestible form.

Typography Design


Typography Design

Typography matters a lot, be it logo designs, social media pages, web designs, or even books. They have the ability to attract and grab customer’s attention within minutes. Currently, designers are using all sorts of playful ideas and concepts to attract customers. And let me just tell you, it’s working!

There was a much more artistic flow to typography and we can’t see that going away anytime soon. However, with the new addition of geometric, organic, and 3d typography. Now the designers can use these exciting typographies to attract customers. The sans serif bold typography can be incorporated in logo design but professional logo design company. Similarly, bold fonts can be used on websites to bring the attention of visitors to important key points. Moreover, to make the visual content truly eye-catchy on social platforms designers need to have a solid contrast. Especially if they are including text or a title in the graphic! Therefore, if the designers are embracing muted colors and lifestyle photos, make sure to use some heavy or extra bold fonts to catch the eye.

The prediction for 2021 is that the popular typography designs of 2020 will be modified into 3D. Ultra-realistic lettering that feels like you can reach in and touch it. These can be used by a professional logo design company to create 3d logos that represent the brands. In fact, typography design is rapidly becoming a great representation of innovation in graphic design, employing all the most fashionable, go-to techniques, and using them is stunning and imaginative ways can be very beneficial for the brands.

Monochrome & Duotone Design


Monochrome & Duotone Design

The designers incorporate duotone and monochrome designs because it allows them to create a calm background atmosphere but still use the tricks of technology. It’s easy for designers to use monochromatic filters and experiment with duel tones whilst still leaving scope to really express themselves. To make the most of this trend, designers should use them in web designs.

The calm theme will not only keep visitors engaged but will also allow them to make purchases. We all are aware of the fact that people love spending time in front of their screens. Thus, this idea of having more relaxed, calm themes for websites and color is one of the answers to keep visitors on your page. Moreover, this holds the site together as a unified whole and place more emphasis on the emotive effect of color.

Geometric Shapes Design


This design trend is something we’ve been noticing for a while now but looks like it’s all set to peak in 2021. These geometric shape designs can be used in web design and in logo designs as well. The professional logo design company create logos with geometric shapes that are minimal, simple, and timeless. When designers use these geometric shapes on web sites, it can add order, consistency, and structure to a visual.

The brands can even add texture and depth to their graphics by incorporating geometric shapes in web designs. It will be deceptively simple and alluring it gives great scope for imaginative creation and design.

Fine art infusion


Fine Art

There has constantly been a division between fine art and design, but guess what, 2021 is not concerned with traditional borders. Thus, fine art and design are all set to make their way into our lives. Now how to make the most of it? we all are aware of how aesthetically pleasing fine art and design can be, therefore they can be used on book covers. Moreover, a painting inspired designs with surface variation and depth, making them look real enough to touch pairs well with physical products. Thus, this trend can be used on wine bottles, cosmetic packaging.

Plus, such paintings give designs an air of seriousness and majestic look. Though this might not seem all fun and cheery, designs like these normally invite the viewer to take a moment and reflect.

Useful GIF’s


usefull gifs

Another way to make the most out of graphic trends is by incorporating GIFs. Everyone almost everyone is fond of GIFs. They are the ideal little conversation supporter that displays and represents the right emotion when the words won’t do the trick. Plus, they do not need any particular or different software to run, usually have a small file size, and can be planted just about anywhere.

I believe they are better than videos and images, in most cases when loading time or data usage needs to be minimized. Moreover, the versatility of GIFS is what makes them even better and more valuable and beneficial. One of the places to use GIFs is in blog posts or articles. Instead of using boring stock images, graphic designers can invest a few minutes of their time in creating a GIF.

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