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How to Shape Your Customer’s Perception Using A Logo Design?

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Laura Flair

27th October 2020

Laura Flair
How to Shape Your Customer's Perception Using A Logo Design?

We come across many things regularly. But how many of the things we clap our eyes on are captivating enough to pique our interest? Instigating curiosity and attaining attention is indispensable for a company symbol to create a perception in viewers’ minds. Unique, distinctive, and iconic logo designs can grab the spectators from their collars and make them develop a perception. The rest of the designs go down the drain like a teacher’s lecture to daydreaming students.

The brand is perceived as per the perception created by its emblem, website, and other marketing materials. The iconic logo designs give birth to a unique and memorable Corporate Visual Identity, which helps the brand stand apart in a competitive market. Each element of a logo design plays a vital role in creating a perception in viewers’ heads. Let it be the font size or style, logo shape, color pallets, and even simple and straightforward dot counts big time.

Do you Know?

When it comes to human brains, it processes the images faster than the speed of light. Soon after the first glance and before the blink of an eye, the human mind begins interpreting the image. Your brand’s iconic logo design must have the potential to leave an immediate impact to find a place in the left hemisphere of the onlooker’s brain, which processes positive emotions.

Colors Convey in a Different Way

Colors are the purveyors of emotions, and different colors stimulate different emotions.

The brands carefully choose the logo colors based on the feelings they want to incite deep inside in their target audience’s hearts and minds. To catch viewers’ attention within a short span of time, appropriate selection of color is paramount.

Colors are the purveyors of emotions, and different colors stimulate different emotions.

The perception of a brand is created within the first few seconds after visualizing the iconic logo design. The color is what a viewer notices before design, fonts, or style.

To make the story short, know that perception is a room, and the color is the key.

Positive Perception Oozes Perfection

Somewhere in the corner of the mind, a brand’s perception makes the decision-making process less baffling for the consumer. It helps them avoid entering into the colony of indecisiveness, thus freeing them from the agony of the presentiment.

Not just the functional features but the perception of a brand entice one to purchase the product or avail of the service. The consumer’s perception is the track that he walks on, hops on, and keeps on following because he is sure that this will lead him to his destination.

Once perception finds its way to a consumer’s thoughts, no eraser can erase it from the walls of his mind down the road but his own practical experience.

Seeing is Believing

The visual identity communicates louder and clearer than the melodious voice brands espouse for various advertisement campaigns. Consistent usage of specific graphic elements, fonts, and colors drives the Brand forward to attain effective visual brand identity.

The visual identity communicates louder and clearer than the melodious voice brands espouse for various advertisement campaigns

The brand’s perception is the blend of the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that pops up in the back of one’s mind through its visual distinctiveness. A brand needs to rouse certain feelings through its iconic logo design and other apparent elements to leave an ever-lasting impression on consumers. The evocation of emotions gives the brand a unique identity and make it memorable for the target audience.

Logo Shape! Yes, it Shapes the Mind

Iconic logo designs are created in numerous shapes, and each shape shapes the perception of consumers accordingly.

Circular designs are considered warm and comforting, whereas angular designs are said to be depicting rationality and formality. Likewise, association with softness and hardness is also reflected through circular and angular logos, respectively. Products advertised with circular iconic logo design are generally perceived as comfortable, whereas angularity symbolizes durability.

Although triangular designs are not that popular as circular, square, or rectangular design-the triangular designs’ impact and meaningfulness are unparalleled. It depicts a sense of hierarchy, dynamic power, and continuous improvement.

The brand’s perception works more effectively than the instigation of various promotional campaigns. Portraying the brand in a unique and enchanting manner is crucial to create a positive perception in the target audience’s mind.

From Nonentity to Brand’s Identity

A brand’s journey from conceptualization to existence is a long and mundane process. Later climbing up the stairs of success while attaining consumers’ attention is nearly impossible without an iconic logo design. Period.

brand's journey from conceptualization to existence

The most critical element of brand identity is the iconic logo design, which functions as a brand’s face. If the face can’t be recognized, how can one expect the business to stand out and be memorable?

It is possible only in dreams. A deluded mind may hope so but certainly not a sane one.

The single most important pillar of brand identity is the iconic logo design. Not that just a captivating design can drive you to the destination where success awaits, but it works as a fuel that pushes you forward.

Consistency Hits Hardly

Perception is not created overnight but in bits and pieces. We descry in fragments, and as per the acquired information, we start concocting our perception. What counts the most for creating a positive brand image or perception is none other than consistency, which engenders trustworthiness, reliability, and fidelity in a consumer’s mind. Therefore, to remain consistent, the iconic logo design should be coherent with the website and other promotional and marketing materials.

Over time, a brand’s logo gets more familiar to onlookers’ eyes, and this familiarity stimulates a sense of trustworthiness.

Assume that you are in a shopping mall. Suddenly your eyes hit one of a renowned brand’s product. If you need to purchase, you won’t jeopardize yourself by roaming around the mall, but you gotta pick and purchase it within a jiffy. An element of trustworthiness is born naturally due to the familiarity factor.

Your logo is what consumers will seek out over and again

Your logo is what consumers will seek out over and again; if you could earn their trust and attain their confidence, consistency is inevitable.

Bad – The first Impression Lasts for Good

Be it Good or A lot has been said and written about the first impression, and no soul seems to negate the impact of this very first impression. Albeit, the first impression hit the eyes but stir the mind before the view falls deep down into the abyss of heart and rest somewhere in the corner. Followed by penetration in the veins and permeation deep into the soul.

How powerful is the impact of first sight? No words seem that powerful to explain. Let’s agree on the significance of the first impression and express your take on what a consumer notices about a brand above all?

Take your time, ponder thoroughly.

Meanwhile, as the clock strikes on, run your thoughts in pursuit of the correct answer and bring it to the table!

The clock is bound to tick, born to move within the circle, and make that innocent yet painful sound. It will keep ticking today, tomorrow, and even the day after, but remember that you won’t have any second chance to create that first impression again. Read that again.

Back to square one!

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the iconic logo design that consumers notice first and foremost.

Availing cheap logo design services can hurt your business beyond your imagination. If you fail to impress in the first go, you will keep struggling throughout the branding journey. All your efforts to create a space in the heart of the target audience are most likely to go in vain. As they say, better care than cure!

Wanna avoid all this fuss?

Get your brand an iconic logo design from one of the creative design services in the vicinity, just like the Indigo Logo Design. Simple as that.

Resonation Forms a Whole Nation

Nation here symbolizes your loyal client base. To create a considerable number of followers or consumers, each aspect of your brand, including the logo design, must resonate with the lives of your target audience meaningfully. An iconic logo design creates a long-lasting bond in-between the consumers and the brand, which strengthens with the passage of time and togetherness.

Nation here symbolizes your loyal client base

Resonation cannot be created by designing a creative logo and painting it with a color that you find most vibrant. But remember that fact that a logo design doesn’t become memorable and iconic just out of its aesthetic outlook. The story that a symbol reflects is what counts the most for resonating with the audience.

Let your brand’s story be communicated through your iconic logo design. Season the story with the flavor of happy and sad jiffies to turn the heads and touch the hearts of the masses. This is how stories usually pan out.

They’ll perceive you as one of them. Know that similarities attract primarily, followed by understanding, affection, and compassion.

Use of Common Beliefs & Perceptions

The nature of business varies from business to business, and so does the attributes associate with each industry. For instance, pen and books symbolize the educational sector, whereas houses and buildings represent construction sectors; likewise, microphones and musical notes indicate the music industry.

Usage of commonly held beliefs will make it easier for the viewer to interpret and comprehend your niche market without giving it thorough thought. Moreover, the ambiguity will also fade away, just like a moving car’s smoke.

Before You Open a New Tab, Listen Attentively…

A blend of meaningful images combined with vibrant colors and appropriate shapes gives birth to iconic logo designs. Having done so can make the interpretation process less taxing and more relaxing.

The better your logo will make the spectators feel, the deeper it will go in their minds. The journey from the conscious mind to the subconscious one will be over instantly. But the logo’s footprints on the floor of their mind can make them remember your brand just like the back of their hands.

After reviewing the article, if there knocks a question or confusion somewhere inside the walls of your skull, please mention in the below comment box. We’ll make sure to address your concerns promptly and effectively.

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