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Lets Go DARK! Comprehensive Guide on How to Create Dark Theme Websites

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Laura Flair

13th May 2020

Laura Flair
How to Create Dark Theme Websites via indigo logo design

You must have heard it somewhere that dim lights ease eye strain, in the web design world, someone took it way too seriously!

Professional web designers came up with the idea that changed the web design world; they used grey/black as the background of the webpage. The results were astonishing as it was noticed that people would tend to stay longer due to the following reasons;

  • The darker background gives the website an elegant look
  • Offers content depth
  • Encourages the use of contrasting colors and elements
  • Visually appealing


What is Dark Mode in Website Design?

A dark theme is a low light user interface on a site; it is usually black or grey as the background. It is an uncommon theme that challenges the odds of the white background. In response to the increased screen-time of internet users, designers came up with the idea of a darker background, which doesn’t strain the eye. A dark theme works best in low-light situations where it boosts visibility and reduces bounce rate.

Dark Mode in Web Design


Pros and Cons of Using Dark Mode in Web Design

Here are a few pros and cons of using a dark mode in website designing that you might want to consider:


  • Boosts emotions (luxury, premium)
  • Increases visibility in low light
  • Easy on eyes



  • Dim colors act like a mental barrier
  • Not good for cluttered sites
  • Requires highly professional and experienced web designers


Dark Theme on Websites

Tips for Creating Perfect Dark Theme on Websites

Thinking of creating a dark theme web design? Here are a few tips that will come in handy:

Stay Minimalistic

The dark theme works wonders if you have a minimalist approach. Limited text and well-placed call-to-actions can easily draw the attention of your web visitor. If you think that a cluttered website will look aesthetically appealing to the visitor, then you are at fault, don’t believe us, try it yourself.

Highlight brand colors

There are a ton of websites that go for a dark theme while rebranding. However, only a few carry it out effectively, as many fail to understand the color psychology and meaning hidden behind the theme. In many cases, the brand’s color scheme doesn’t mix with a darker background, which eventually results ina higher bounce rate and low conversions.

Before you order any design studio to rebrand your website to a darker shade, think twice or simply choose a lighter UI that doesn’t look absurd on a dark theme.

Achieve Industry Standards

A dark user interface highlights the industry your brand falls in. Brands which specifically offer product and service for nightlife and entertainment can make the most out of a dark themed website. If you think that your products will be best paired with a dark background, then you should opt for it. Otherwise, it is best to stay away from it!

Create Emotion

Creating emotion via design elements is one of the prime goals of a web designer. However, it is not easy to achieve. Since low-visibility and lack of light (white) create mystery and amplify curiosity, a dark user interface might work wonders for your brand’s website.

5. Luxury Symbol

The color black is often associated with luxury and affluence. A dark mode can generate premium feeling and can showcase your products as an epitome of craftsmanship. A dark mode UI can evoke emotions of royalty and draw attention to everything on the webpage.

People often get confused and ask if readability would be an issue on a darker background

Maintain Proper Contrast

People often get confused and ask if readability would be an issue on a darker background? Well, apparently, yes, but you can solve it by adjusting the contrast.

Google Material Design suggests that in order to have good visibility (white text on a black background), the websites should use the text-to-background contrast on a level, which is 15.8:1.

Desaturate Colors on the Website

It is advised by design firms to keep away from fully saturated colors. When the background is too saturated or dark, the items above seem to vibrate. This is why desaturated colors are preferred, especially the ones which are muted like grey or white. Also, colors associated with the brand might seem different on a darker surface. To overcome this issue, you should tweak the color scheme to elicit the same response as in a lighter mode.

Test Light and Dark Theme

Before you head out to rebrand your brand’s site with a dark shade test light and dark shades of your design, experiment with each design and see what looks perfect. Since people’s preferences can be diverse, don’t give them a pigeon-hole. Give your users the control and let them experience and feel comfortable.  

Do Not Invert the Colors

You might have thought to simply reverse the color theme of your site to get that matte black dark feel. Well, in reality, it isn’t that simple, and you might end up turning colors that have psychological purpose into something meaningless. If you are switching from a standard white background to a darker theme, then you must make sure that the chosen colors are intentional.

Don’t Go Too Dark

Ever wondered why books have a white background with words in the color black? Well, it is to boost visibility and capture the attention of the readers. Same goes for digital services. If you are planning to rebrand your brand in a darker shade or a completely dark theme altogether, then you must steer clear of pure dark black. Not only it feels hard on the eyes, but it also looks unpleasant. Instead, you can choose greyish shades with a desaturated color scheme.

The dark evolution

The dark evolution is on a high. Not only are these themes trending but are equally loved by the visitors. It is a perfect time for you to redesign your brand’s website with a darker theme.

Need a custom dark theme for your business or brand? Contact us now or visit our portfolio page to see more.

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