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The Ultimate Guide to Ace Your Ecommerce Website

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Laura Flair

14th May 2020

Laura Flair
Ultimate Guide By Indigo Logo Design

Ecommerce has flourished immensely in the past few years with online shopping becoming one of the most popular mediums around the world. We have seen the massive success of eCommerce giants like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and more.

Inspired by these companies, many location specific eCommerce businesses have come forward all around the world. If you are one preparingto launch an eCommerce website or acing the existing site, then here is a 20 step guide to help you ace it.  From eCommerce Web Design services to registration and social media presence, everything has been covered in this comprehensive guide.

1. Catchy Business Name

The very first thing that you need to do is come up with a catchy business name based around the context of what you are selling. A successful business name is unique, appealing and memorable. You also need to make sure that it is not being used anywhere else.

There are tools online offered by professional web design services that can help you determine if that name is already in use. As soon as you find a unique name which that is available, register it at once.

2. Domain Name and Website

In an ideal scenario, your business name would be your domain name as well. However, in case it is not available, then go for a URL with easy spellings and pronunciation while being relevant to your business.

For instance, your business name is Sweet Craving by Sandy but the domain name with sweet craving by sandy.com is not available. You can use something similar like sandysweetycravings.com instead.

3. Ecommerce Web Design Agency

Ecommerce Web Design By IndigoLogoDesign

Investing in a professional Ecommerce Web Design company may be the biggest business expense you have but with this you spending, you can be restassured that the layout isn’t only visually attractive, but functionality is also topnotch. There are various platforms that can help you launch an eCommerce website but here a 5 of the most popular eCommerce platforms that stand out form the rest. The platforms are:

  • Shopify
  • 3dcart
  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • Big Cartel


4. Select thee Commerce Web Design Agency


Select the best web design agency that can boost your brand’s online presence.By doing so, you ensure that latest technologies and tools are being used to create lead generating sites. Asite that has a smart design and is easy to navigate is crucial to creating a positive user experience for your customers.And a good user experience ensures that all leads are converted to the shopping cart and lead to an increase in ROI.

5. Apply for Business Licenses and Permits

Operating an eCommerce business is not only about good ecommerce web design or easy navigation, it also requires certain business licenses and permits. Find out which business permits, and licenses you require as per the laws of your city, state and county. It is essential to have these business licenses and permits in order before you officially start operating.

6. Get in touch with the Right Vendors

The competition is really tough when you are selling products online. The only way to stay ahead of your competitors is to provide the best quality and the best prices to retain your customers. For this purpose, it is essential for you to work with only the best vendors, so as not to compromise on the quality at all. Find the best vendor in the field and build up a long-term relationship.

7. Brand Awareness

From logo to packaging to mobile website design, and quality to variety, every bit of your ecommerce store is the reason behind the shaping of your brand’s identity. Your sales depend on the way you put everything across and how you deliver the goods and services that you offer.

From the eCommerce web design services that manage your portal to the mobile app of your business, there are all these factors that shape the consumer’s thought process. It is important that your audience is completely aware of what you are offering. Still, it is important to make extra effort like running effective marketing campaigns to achieve your target.

8. Push Notifications

This is the state-of-the-art tool that has taken the world of the e-commerce industry by storm. From giving reminders to the users to keeping them informed about a new service, the push notification can work miracles for your revenue growth.

9. Enhance Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the most popular platforms for marketing these days. You must create your presence on social media platforms through Instagram and Facebook. These platforms can help in shaping your brand’s awareness. This would lead to a surgein revenue conduit. It is easier to connect with a larger number of audiences. Keep the whole process smooth and ensure that your customers are following you across various platforms.

10. Increase Productivity with Right Software

Technology can ease so much of your work. So, before jumping into the pool of eCommerce business, give a try to email marketing, accounting, customer relationship management, and project management software and corporate website design that you can fit into what you’re doing you are about to launch your website.

11. Well-stocked Inventory

Before you start your business, the most important thing is that you must have a fully well-stocked inventory. It may prove to be a bit challenging but it is always better to have more of the inventory rather than going short of something that your customer wants. Keep an eye on the sales to clearly keep track of ROIs and shortage of something for a smart solution.

12. Smart Data Analysis

Data analysis is undoubtedly the best way to improve sales through a calculative approach. With precise numbers and analytics, you can keep track of the users. This approach is directly proportionate to the increased revenue. With a proper comprehension of who the target customer is, creating a suitable system would not be very difficult.

13. Communication


Communication is the key to retain your customers. And asking them to fill out lengthy forms may not really be the best way to do so. Therefore, live chats are the most swift, fastest, and least conspicuous form of real-time customer support. This also proves to be an excellent catalyst for lead conversions.

14. Resource Center

A repository of resources on your website can prove to be a treasured asset for your customers for self-service. This resource center can be used to answer FAQs, product details and anything else you believe will prove to be informative to your customers

15. Post Sales Service

The most underrated part of customer service is the contact after the sales. If you add post-sales services and support to your eCommerce store, you will make lots of customers happy. Customers often have questions regarding product usage and will be thrilled if they are proactively reached out to. Customer feedback also adds value to your business, so it is essential to ask your customers to leave a feedback review.

16. Flexible Return Policy

One of the biggest hurdles in the eCommerce industry is the inability to check out the product physically. If your customers are aware that you have flexible return and refund policies, their reluctance to make an online purchase will mainly lessen.

17. Discussion Forum

It is part of human nature to discuss and talk with each other. Customers are generally influenced by the experience of other buyers.Therefore, having a discussion forum on your website can help you in finding everything about the products that your have sold.

18. Customized Sales Interaction

Customized sales interaction has a great impact on the customers. It leaves a s more lasting impression. Customers feel really special when they are addressed by their name on a return visit to your eCommerce website, auto-filling forms or relevant solutions based on the their visit.

19. Compliant  Business

Once your eCommerce business website is launched, things are going to move rapidly. It is of utmost that your annual report is submitted in time. It is still important to file the annual report. You need to keep a track of all everything. You must book these quarters.


20. Ace Your eCommerce SEO

Owning an eCommerce website online is a good thing

Owning an eCommerce website online is a good thing, but the key lies in ranking well organically in search engines like Google. Though eCommerce SEO strategies have equivalents to traditional SEO, a more focused approach is required to to be as effective as possible.

Optimizing an ecommerce store is crucial. However,  it is best to outsource professional services if you lack the relevant expertise. Onr of the most effective strategies is to prepare your eCommerce store is to keep a track of all the special occasions throughout the year. Fully avail sales opportunities, on special occasions like holiday season, valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or Black Friday.

Avail the opportunities fully. Use thematic visuals to optimize your online store and attract customers. Optimize your online store with thematic visuals to attract potential customers. Without the right marketing strategy and planning, you won’t be able to engage with your audience, and will surely lose a good chunk of sales.

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