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Laura Flair

15th June 2020

Laura Flair
3D animation is a perfect marketing tool for an extensive range of companies in many industries

3D animation is a perfect marketing tool for an extensive range of companies in many industries. It can be used to promote, exemplify and explain all sorts of products and projects no matter how complex they are.

By bringing 3D animation into play, you can market your product by generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment.  This was not possible a few years ago! In this highly competitive world where everyone is pushing each other down in order to succeed, the best way to boost your business is by reaching out and connecting with your audience virtually. And what better way to attract an audience, than with the assist of a contemporary tool – 3D animation.

It can give your business a more artistic and sophisticated outlook and increase its reach. Unlike 2D, 3D animation offers more depth to characters and the overall story presented. this matters a lot..Why? Because the realism of this type of animated video production can give your business a marketing edge.


Using 3D Animation as a Marketing Tool   

Animations have moved from entertainment to educational and informative domains. Therefore, by efficiently utilizing 3D animation you can create eye catching and captivating videos.


Pages that contain graphics and animation tend to automatically attract more people compared to pages which only have text on them.


The animated world can evoke participation and the audience will feel more connected to you, your product, and your services. No other medium is yet comparable to 3D animation in terms of attraction when it comes to delivering a bright, glossy and concise portrait of your product and services.

Need further proof? Here`s a list of the top reasons why you should be investing in some 3D animated action!


Increase Shareability

One of the main characteristics of athis leading marketing tool

One of the main characteristics of at his leading marketing tool is that it communicates the message of the brand to a vast audience. it has a higher shareability rate on social media as compared to any other available marketing too. Engaging and creative visual content will grab the attention of clients and they are likely to  share the video among their connections, and so expanding the reach of the product. Automatically, it increases the visibility of your brand.


Provides a 360 view

Additionally, it allowed you to create a 360 view of your project. By giving potential customers an indepth tour,it enables them to experience and understand your project virtually as if it’s right in front of them. This makes branding easier as it intrigues the viewers with explicit visualization and presentation by amplifying their experience.The unveiling of your product with beautiful visual animation will keep the audience glued to their screen


Increases Brand Effectiveness

3D animation marketing emerged as a very powerful tool

3D animation marketing emerged as a very powerful tool not just because of its extravagant display of three-dimensional moving pictures and attractiveness but due to the fact that a human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which makes it much easier to grasp onto the knowledge that is given through video as compared to images and text. Your audience is also more likely to remember your products because of an amazing animation. You can even convey your ideas in a much shorter time frame.

So, instead of filling up loads of pages to explain the content and concept of your product, you can easily offer a 30sec animated video to your audience in which you can communicate in an elaborative and manageable way. This helps increase the effectiveness of your brand marketing.


Improves Memorability

Can you remember when did you last read an entire brochure of any company or housing scheme or when did you last read web pages filled with content?Can’t recall? Neither can I.Technology has made the world a global village. Things have become compact and in this constantly changing world, anything that has remained constant are videos.

3D animated videos have become an increasingly popular marketing medium. Why would someone read a bulk of information when they can easily understand the concept by watching a short and clear 3D explainer video? Videos can engage users more and keep them fascinated until the very end. Further, they have the ability to portray some of the most complicated ideas in a very simple way, which makes it easier for the audience to interpret and understand it.


Provides Real World Experience

Your small project can appear high tech and professional with the addition of 3D element

Your small project can appear high tech and professional with the addition of 3D element. Firms such as real estate developers are now using 3D brochures – an exceptional innovation where people can have real world view and experience the properties on their smartphones and tablets. These are the next level of CGI animations. These brochures can bring buildings and infrastructures to life with the help of 3D rendering. Clients can get the sense of how the internal and external of the building will feel.


Best Reusable Marketing Tool

Not to forget that these animated videos are reusable, which means you can always make changes, integrate data from other resources that make videos more enhanced and you can always use them in different contexts in the future. additionally, 3d rigging make videos more interesting by blending shapes, front and back kinematics keeps the video trendy and reusable.


Increases Brand Credibility

3D animation helps you to increase the credibility of your brand and products among your customers.To increase your sales and expand your business it is not enough just to acquire new customers but it’s also important to keep your old customers happy and satisfied. You can create informative videos for your brands and products for customers to explain the features of your products.These animations can also be used for educational purposes.This helps to increase the trust of your target audience in your company and products.


Boosts Sales

3D animation marketing helps you to reach out to customers in a very interactive and memorable way while boosting up your sales. A great example of this is the Marvel cinematic universe that used CGI so brilliantly by creating iconic characters like Thanos. This movie pulled in almost 3 billion dollars worldwide. CGI is also used in commercials where you can communicate message through animation and it boosts your sales.


Leading Your Brand’s Marketing with Animated Video Production

In this fast paced world, it has somewhat become necessary to use animated video production as a marketing tool

In this fast paced world, it has somewhat become necessary to use animated video production as a marketing tool. It not only keeps your audience entertained but it’s a highly cost-effective alternative to creating videos on 3d blender. It is an open-source software like 3ds Max animation where people can animate films, art and more without using real-life actors, outdoor shoots and props. Businesses that are leveraging this technology are creating a noteworthy brand presence for themselves.

A properly executed 3D design is a thing of beauty. It brings depth and elegance and provides clients with far more knowledge about the overall and precise parts of products. Secondly, it really makes your products and services shine by allowing investors to view the product from a 3D angle. This helps the investors or clients feel confident about their decision and improves your sales.

The advent of CGI animation and animated video production has allows us to drive results that are better,faster and cheaper. Thanks to this new advanced technology, we are living in an era where we have endless possibilities to boost our business up. Every business and brand needs to market its product in a persuasive manner that encourages the target audience to take a step and for that, you need an effective mass communication tool that consists of unique properties.

With 3D technologies, you have a massive amount of flexibility and full control to create a world where the elements are aligned with your standard. It gives you the power to shape elements the way you want. 3D technology leaves a great impact on the audiences’ minds. This also helps brands to create widespread appeal and recognition.

However, everything boils down to the fact that it is imperative to market your products skillfully. 3D animation is indeed a leading marketing tool with outstanding characteristics but one must have the idea, creativity and animation skills to make it impressive. So whether you’re trying to sell or trying to communicate with your audience to explain your service, animated video production can do all the magic and can clearly present the features and functions of your product or service in the most compelling way.

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